At Sage Blanc we see our mission as three-fold. First, and foremost, we are driven by an overriding commitment to our customers. Second, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to the pressure sensitive labeling and bar coding industries as a whole. Third, we've come to understand that no business can truly realize its fullest potential without a strong sense of community.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality pressure sensitive labels and bar coding media to our growing list of clients at competitive prices on a timely basis. This is a tall order given today's increasingly competitive business environment; where it seems nothing short of excellence is expected, and just-in-time performance is the order of the day. Yet it has been our strictest adherence to these same principles that has continually rewarded us with the high level of success that we have enjoyed and appreciated for so many years now.

By establishing ourselves as an industry leader, we feel a great sense of pride in the role we have played in the development and promotion of the labeling and bar coding industries at large. As a result of our efforts to meet the specific goals of our Mission Statement, we feel we have helped to raise, significantly, the standards of excellence for others in our industry.

Just as important as the commitment to our clients and the desire to achieve excellence as an industry leader, is our desire to remain an important and respected member of our community. As we see it, a strong sense of community begins with the development of sound business practices and the application of innovative programs designed to achieve the individual growth and development of our employees. We feel that in order to command the respect that is afforded us as a viable member of the local community, we have to conduct ourselves in a manner that promotes and insures that we have gained the respect of our own personnel, our vendors, and others in our industry.

Our hope is that anyone who has the opportunity to deal with us in any regard, comes away from that experience with the feeling that they have been dealt with fairly and that they feel appreciated and respected.

Such is our mission and our commitment to all of those with whom we have the pleasure of doing business.

Thank You,
Jim Wood
President, Sage Blanc, Inc.