Perhaps the most exciting news is that our website has been uploaded and is now at your service. Feel free to take a digital tour of Sage Blanc, Inc. We are very proud of the way our website is presented. More importantly, our website is now ready to assist our customers and future clients with questions regarding order placement, product information; even specific information about our staff of dedicated employees, and much, much more.

We encourage you to take your time and give us a thorough viewing. Please feel free to provide us with any feedback about our website which will help us provide you with better customer service.

In the future, look for our monthly installment of market-specific news bulletins on how best to design and purchase pressure labels and label products for a particular industry. The very first installment is entitled the "The Network Equipment Engineer's Survival Kit". In it, we will present the different kinds of labels necessary for a network equipment company to properly and effeciently label all of the components that go into the production of a piece of state-of-the-art networking equipment. As well, we will provide some editorial focus on how best to establish the flow of data collection and control with a particular emphasis the advantages of preprinted bar code labels and demand printed production travelers. Hopefully, this kind of information will help process engineers to more effectively gather and use data during every phase of their product's production. This will be especially useful to the growing number of companies who rely on turnkey manufacturers both at home and abroad.

Enjoy your tour!

Jim Wood
President Sage Blanc, Inc.